How to Catch Up When You Miss School

March 25, 2014

As if being in high school isn’t hard enough, then you get ill or injured and have no choice but to stay home and miss school. Making up missed work can be very stressful, especially during the recovery process. If you aren’t already aware, one of the seniors, Kelsey Hoffman, injured her... Read more »

Spirit Week 2014


March 21, 2014

Spirit week is imminent! Preparation is being done for what might be the most fun-filled week of the school year. With promises of being better than last year’s spirit week, this year’s spirit week is going to be a blast. Student council representatives from all high school classes have been... Read more »

Career Profile: Julia Sizemore and Pediatric Nursing


January 18, 2012

Hi,  this is Julia Sizemore. I am a junior here at CCS. I’m interested in pediatric nursing. Right now I am doing a nursing vocational program at Middletown North. Middletown North’s Vocational program is very helpful because, it allows you to figue out whether or not this is the profession... Read more »

One on One

Kelsey Hoffman
November 12, 2011

Each student has their own interesting story.  Whether it begins with once upon a time, our not they all have their own details.  From the kids who have moved from anywhere and everywhere to the ones who have lived in the same house for their entire life.  The life style at Calvary is filled with... Read more »

Student Interview: Elijah Wortman

November 1, 2011

This week, I interviewed Elijah Wortman. Elijah is 15 and before he came to CCS, he was home schooled. He likes to make music and home-made movies, and thinks spending time with his younger siblings is great because they love to joke around. Below are some questions I asked, and he answered. Question:... Read more »