One on One

Each student has their own interesting story.  Whether it begins with once upon a time, our not they all have their own details.  From the kids who have moved from anywhere and everywhere to the ones who have lived in the same house for their entire life.  The life style at Calvary is filled with joy, each teacher cares about everyone of their  students.  They pray for us and let us know they are there to help whenever we need them.  In the classrooms there is discipline but also understanding.  They teach us through education by discipleship.  In Bible class we learned how to go against the flow and “do hard things.”  To us this meant we will live up to more than the world sees us as, and let them know we are not just kids, or teenagers, we are people too.   The concept of school is not just learning and doing homework, it’s about learning about God and doing his work for our life.

Check back with us again soon for a CCS Student Story…

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