Career Profile: Julia Sizemore and Pediatric Nursing

Hi,  this is Julia Sizemore. I am a junior here at CCS. I’m interested in pediatric nursing. Right now I am doing a nursing vocational program at Middletown North. Middletown North’s Vocational program is very helpful because, it allows you to figue out whether or not this is the profession for us.

On Thursday,  October 27, 2011 I toured Riverview Medical Center and saw the nursery for the babies. One of the babies was a “preemie” and was four pounds. He needed twelve-hour care. Pediatric nursing is a wonderful profession to go into because there are so many children that need care. Pediatrics is a challenge because you are dealing with kids and parents. In this picture there is a baby in NICU. NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Babies that are in NICU need to have extra care than full-term babies. Pediatrics is a career that requires compassion and love for sick and hurting kids. Dealing with pediatrics,  you need to know how to recognize pain in infants.

At Riverview Medical Center there is a lack of younger nurses.  I’, looking forward to exploring and learning more about this profession.

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