All Tied Up!

Julianne Purves, Sports Editor

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The high school boys end yet another game tied 2-2. First against Nor Uriman Friday, and then against NJ Christian Academy on Monday at our home field in Philips Park.  The boys put up a good fight in both games.  They were very aggressive when they needed to be and KJ Biggs did a great job in goal.  Against Nor Uriman on Friday two of our homeschool students, Ovi and CJ, scored for the Lions.  Monday, Ovi scored another goal and the other team was given a yellow card on the same play.  Elijah Pagan had a beautiful header off of Justin Purves’ corner kick for the second goal. Mr. Dunne and the team were a bit frustrated after both games but coach says ” he knows we can beat these guys”.  ” We just need to give it our all the last five minutes and we can win”. The Lions have their chance at a rematch against Nor Uriman this Tuesday for the last game of the season!

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All Tied Up!